About JournalSqrd

JournalSqrd gives every trader the opportunity to treat trading as an actual business. With this program individual traders can both manage all aspects of being a professional trader and create customized reports without spending tons of money.

Who We Are

Traders who come from a diverse background who are dedicated to improving our own trading through the use of tools we create for ourselves. We spent over 2 years pouring our hearts into this program, creating and refining it, and we will continue to make improvements always.

What We Do

Build tools for everyday traders and do everything we can to level the playing field amongst all traders, when we aren’t trading ourselves.

Why Do We Do It

We want to be better traders ourselves! And because all traders should have access to excellent products used by banks and large funds….but it shouldn’t cost so much money.

Since When

We began development of our first product in 2013 and since then we are constantly working to improve everything we create.

Who Uses Our Product

Individual traders who want systems normally reserved for large firms. Small and mid-sized firms who don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating their own system.

Professional traders who constantly want to improve their business.


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