Now Connect Directly To Your Interactive Brokers Account

by Justin Petsche on May 30, 2017 Comments Off on Now Connect Directly To Your Interactive Brokers Account

Now you can connect directly to your Interactive Brokers account!  With less than 5-minutes of setup time you can integrate your IB account to JournalSqrd for all the reporting and analytics you need.

Also, for being an Interactive Brokers client you can access the JournalSqrd Professional Account for 30-days completely free. Just open a JournalSqrd account, select “Upgrade Now” and enter discount code IB30PRO.

How it works (instructions also located inside your account):

1. Sign in to your JournalSqrd account
2. Upgrade your account using any of the Upgrade Now buttons and the discount code above (optional)
2. Click on “Trades” and then “Import Trades”
3. Use the drop-down menu on the left to select Interactive Brokers
4. Enter your Interactive Brokers account number on the left
5. Copy and paste the provided email with your account number and if you would like to include your historical trade data (see instructions on the right after you select Interactive Brokers)
6. Send the email to
7. Data is provided by Interactive Brokers on a nightly basis, and will be updated in your JournalSqrd account by 8am EST

That’s it!  Don’t forget to use the discount code for complete system access for 30-days.

Sign up now at

For more information on customization options, or for a personal demo, email

JournalSqrd Team

Justin PetscheNow Connect Directly To Your Interactive Brokers Account

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