How Traders Get New Clients and Raise More Capital with Ease

by Justin Petsche on May 11, 2016 Comments Off on How Traders Get New Clients and Raise More Capital with Ease

Discover the future for how traders trading stocks, futures, forex and options will get new clients and more capital with ease.

As a trader seeking to raise capital you understand exactly how difficult it can be to raise money and/or find new clients. In today’s information age and the storm of marketing messages from traders on Linkedin, Twitter and any other platform, what sets you or your firm apart from all the others?

Screenshot after screenshot by tens of thousands of traders is supposed to demonstrate the expertise of fund managers, educators and traders, and if the consumer does their research they will begin to notice after awhile all anyone sees is a screen with too many indicator bars and a lack of true and real time information. Is this really helping people understand your expertise when all the other traders are doing the exact same thing?

So how can you show you are different without spending thousands of dollars creating your own system? The answer to this question is the exact reason we built JournalSqrd.

So, how does JournalSqrd work? Here’s what the set up looks like, simply put, you use your personal trading information, plug it into JournalSqrd, upload your logo, select a few inputs, and in 30 minutes you have your own white-label platform to create your own reports. Now real investors will take notice, and you can build your pipeline with beautifully designed monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.

Also using JournalSqrd on a regular basis enables and simplifies the process for traders to improve their trading performance with the trade journal software revolutionizing the market for traders.

Once we launch we will have two different trader membership options. The first will be a powerful trade journal with basic reporting capabilities (Silver Membership). The second will include performance and marketing reports designed by hedge fund managers (Gold Membership). Firms may contact us for pricing options.

If you’re reading this right now, then understanding the future pricing is important to realize the benefits of taking action now.

Right now you have the option to receive Gold Membership for nearly 75% OFF THE PRICE OF A SILVER MEMBERSHIP. For the first 6-months Gold Membership you simply pay $100. This offer is good for the first 25 traders.

Time and time again we have been advised to raise our pricing, yet our priority is to give every trader access to the tools that would otherwise be unaffordable. The purpose is to make the decision easy for the client, and to level the playing field for good traders. In order to prevent us from taking on investors who would undoubtedly demand we raise our pricing, we have launched a campaign on IndieGoGo.

To take advantage of this limited time offer one must visit our social crowdfunding campaign.

Head over to Indiegogo to sign up now to receive your first 6-months Gold Membership for only $100. There are other discounted membership options, including a limited number of memberships granting lifetime access!

Justin PetscheHow Traders Get New Clients and Raise More Capital with Ease